Monday, 30 August 2010

Keep Chilmington Green

Ashford Green Party is utterly opposed to the planned destruction of the beautiful Chilmington Green. Mr.Frohnsdorff and Mr. Carpenter are right to question the economic wisdom of this project; the intention would seem to be to destroy a small community and build a dormitory town of commuters.

On a flood plain!?

But we must also consider the environmental devastation, the murder of the unique wildlife and years, possibly decades, of misery for the residents who will have to endure living within a building site, watching daily as this historic area is bulldozed and concreted with the full support of our elected councillors and Member of Parliament.

The ridiculous amount of money wasted on this misguided expansion would be better invested in fortifying Ashford against the oncoming effects of climate change and peak oil, creating more employment, better services, improved infrastructure, all produced and consumed locally to support the local economy.

So I urge the people of Ashford to join the Keep Chilmington Green campaign on Saturday 4th September in Ashford town centre, including residents of Goddington Park, Cheeseman's Green, and many other areas around Ashford threatened with similar pointless developments.

Steven Campkin
Ashford Green Party

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Charles River Protest Picnic

Animal Rights Kent staged a protest picnic on Saturday 31st July outside the gates of Charles River, opposite Manston Airport. Charles River Laboratories supplies various rodents, from mice to rabbits, to the animal research community, including genetically modified species like the patented Immortomouse!

The picnic lasted from 12 noon till 2pm, without incident, and was to raise awareness of the cruelty that goes on in Kent in the name of so-called 'medical science'.

"A.R.K. believes that animal experiments are morally disgusting, but this view is increasingly backed up with science. The similarities between humans and other animals are enough to discontinue this barbaric practice, the differences are enough to render it useless. Animal research has held back vital treatments for years, torturing animals while people suffer and die. The whole industry is a fraud.

The best treatment is to stay healthy on a vegetarian or vegan diet with plenty of exercise."

A.R.K. are a collection of independent Animal Rights groups from around Kent. They take direct, non-violent action and work to educate and inform the public on the cruelty inherent in hunting, the meat and dairy industry, the pet trade and animal experimentation.