Sunday, 5 September 2010

Keep Chilmington Green part II

Ashford Green Party joined residents of Chilmington Green on Saturday 4th September in Ashford town centre to collect signature for a petition against the destruction of Chilmington Green.

Steve Campkin: "We collected over 1,200 signatures in one day, and continue to collect. I don't know where this idea that Ashford needs to grow has come from but it must be stopped. There's been too much growth over the years and the people of Ashford have spoken, they're fed up with it. Where will it stop? The planet is only so big and we'll soon run out of space, food and water.

"There are areas of Ashford that need rejuvenation, there are empty buildings everywhere, building more houses and moving more people in is not the answer, it will only make things worse. Where will the jobs come from?"

"Jobs can easily be created by supporting local businesses and starting a program of redevelopment in derelict areas of Ashford. We need micro-generation, bus lanes, cycle paths, insulation, community centres, schools, the list goes on. We do not need more houses and we certainly do not need any more supermarkets or junk-food joints (I refuse to call them restaurants!)."

"Ashfords remaining countryside must be protected, where are CPRE* in this? If this development goes ahead I will personally place myself in front of the bulldozers!"

Ends c225 words

*Campaign for the Protection of Rural England

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