Sunday, 10 October 2010

Letter to Press: Kennington North, Chilmington Green and the Expansion of Ashford.

Ashford Green Party is disappointed that the Kennington North Estate has reared it's ugly head again. it was made perfectly clear that the people of Kennington, Bybrook and Bockhanger do not want this development, as the Keep Chilmington Green Campaign has made clear that the majority of people in Ashford and the surrounding areas do not want any more building. The expansion of Ashford is being rejected, and Ashford Borough Council, Kent County Council and the Government persist in ignoring us.

There are empty buildings and waste land that need redevelopment, there is infrastructure desperately needed, and there is climate change and peak oil to take into consideration. The future of Ashford must involve development in these areas, as well as in public transport and other services. It must not involve more mindless expansion or destruction of our countryside.

During our campaigns in town the only people reluctant to support our campaign, despite their sympathy, have been those from the construction trades, but a program of redevelopment and fortifying Ashford against the challenges of the future can be used to create jobs for these workers, helping them and Ashford as a whole through the recession.

More houses, more people and more cars will only make maters worse. Ashford Green Party will continue to oppose these developments, especially at the ballot boxes next May.

Steven Campkin
Ashford Green Party
37 Beecholme Drive
TN24 9AA ...Thinking Allowed?

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