Thursday, 11 November 2010

There's definitely something fishy about the announcement of the new benefits laws. The answer seems to be to deepen the crab bucket.

The point I'm trying to make is that benefit fraud is NOT a problem. What needs to be done is Nat Min Wage raised, not the benefits cut. Then people would see it as worthwhile going to work.

There are many people that are on benefits because they just aren't workers. You wouldn't put a musician labouring on a building site would you? (except the drummer, of course) And you wouldn't give a poet a gun and send him to war.

On another point I know of people who's illness cannot be defined, therefore they cannot fill in their form so they cannot claim their benefit, but nor can they work. Her husband is also her carer, but cannot claim carers allowance.

The benefits cut will catch out people like this, like dolphins in the tuna net. I would rather see the guilty get away with it than the innocent punished.

A Citizen's Income would address this very problem fairly, neither rewarding the lazy nor punishing the unfortunate. This would also give people the opportunity to go for a decent job instead of staying in an exploitative McJob, with the safety net of the Citizen's income to pay bills and rent while they find a job they actually want to do, which would put pressure on employers to create jobs worth doing and treating employees with respect.

PC World's current policy is to not make anyone redundant, but to cut hours across the board. So we have lots of people barely able to pay their bills because they don't work enough hours, there's no overtime, they cannot quit because then they wouldn't qualify for any benefits while they try for other jobs. They also have a rule where the first 4 days off sick are not paid, forcing workers who are ill to go to work and spread their illness because they cannot afford a day off sick, and they are, of course, more likely to get sick as they cannot afford to live a healthy lifestyle. With the safety net of a citizen's income PC world would certainly start treating their employees differently, or they wouldn't have any!!

In the meantime people like us are fighting over the £3.5 billion scraps while the rich gorge themselves on the £100 billion main course and also make off with the cutlery.

Green New Deal = 1 Million new jobs tackling climate change, raise the Nat Min Wage, introduce a Citizen's Income, close the massive holes in the tax system, scrap tuition fees, all for less than we just handed over to the w.. bankers who got us in this mess in the first place!!

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