Thursday, 17 May 2012

One has to wonder what councillor Paul Carter's objection is to the proposed 
nuclear waste site on Romney Marsh when it is his party that are championing 
nuclear power in the first place.  This seems to be a classic case of NIMBYism 
in it's worst form: Not In My Back Yard but fine in someone else's!

Nuclear power is dangerous, polluting and economically unviable.  A Green New 
Deal would create 1 million new jobs while at the same time weening us off of 
oil and rendering stupid ideas like nuclear power irrelevant.  Not everyone's a 
fan of wind farms (excuse pun) but they're certainly prettier than nuclear power 
stations or cancer from radiation.  When a wind turbine goes wrong it takes a 
while to fix it, but I would remind everyone that the Fukushima Nuclear Power 
plant is still burning, and radiation in the Pacific Ocean and west coast of 
America is rising

I urge people, until we have a sensible, truly Green government that doesn't 
have a vested interest in the destruction of our country, find electricity 
suppliers that do not use dangerous and polluting methods of production. 

Steven Campkin
Ashford Green Party

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